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Product Description

• Runs off of the AT&T Tower

• Plans start as low as $30 a month

• Plans include unlimited talk, text & data

• Plans features unlimited international talk to 50+ countries


Breakdown of H2O's Plans
Month Plan 4G LTE Data Talk Text Int'l Talk Credit
$30 Plan 1GB Unlimited Unlimited $10.00
$40 Plan 3GB Unlimited Unlimited $20.00
$50 Plan 5GB Unlimited Unlimited $20.00
$60 Plan 6GB Unlimited Unlimited $20.00
Returns & Delivery

Returns and Exchanges

Posh devices carry a 90-day warranty through Dealer Portal from the date an item was sold to the merchant. All other cell phone brands, broadband devices, tablets etc., are covered by a 60-day warranty from the date an item was sold to the merchant.  Our staff, with discretion will repair, replace, or issue store credit for all approved and accepted returned merchandise.  All returns must be submitted through the Dealer Portal for approval prior to return. Ship only approved handsets listed for RMA approval; all other handsets will not be eligible.

Please refer to the Return Policy for more information.

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H2O Triple SIM Card

The H2O Triple SIM card has the availability to be activated on a wide variety of handsets as it comes in three sizes: standard, micro and regular. This allows you to save time as you no longer have to match the SIM card to the device since the H2O Triple SIM card allows you to pop the desired SIM sizes needed for the phone. • Triple SIM features three SIM sizes in one • Runs off of the AT&T tower •  H2O Plans feature unlimited talk, text and data H2O Wireless runs off of AT&T, the fastest 4G LTE network than its leading competitors. This allows your customers to watch more, stream more and do more with their allocated data. H2O Wireless plans features unlimited talk, text and data as well as unlimited international talk to 50+ countries. H2O Wireless plans start as low as $30 monthly.
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Ultra Triple SIM Card

Ultra Mobile is one of the newest products we offer. Ultra Mobile offers a wide variety of plans that is guaranteed to satisfy every one of your customers. Ultra's 'classic' plans start at just $19 a month, offering unlimited talk, text and international calling to over 60+ countries. Plus your customers will receive 100MB of data. All of this for only $19 a month. The Ultra Mobile 'flex' plans for families are even cheaper, starting at just $12.50 per line. • Run's off of T-Mobile network • 'Classic' plans start at just $19/mo • Family plans offered Ultra Mobile runs off of the T-Mobile network giving your customers extensive coverage. Your customers can feel comfortable knowing that they are getting a great deal on a phone plan while using one of the most popular networks in America.
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easyGo Smart SIM Kit

easyGo is the perfect carrier for those that are wanting to stay in touch with their family and friends around the world. easyGo features the most affordable international plans starting at just $20 which gives your customers unlimited calling to over 11 countries. • easyGo plans features unlimited international calling • Runs off of the • Rollover data easyGo month plans feature rollover data that does not expire. Any data that is not used during the month will rollover to the next month allowing your customer not to loose any unused data.
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H2O Micro SIM Card

H2O Micro SIM Card can be activated on any AT&T or GSM unlocked handset. The H2O Micro SIM Card allows you to activate any of H2O Wireless month plans. All plans feature unlimited talk, text, data and int'l talk to 50+ countries. • Runs off of AT&T tower • Plans start at just $30 a month • Plans feature unlimited talk, text and data H2O Wireless runs off of AT&T towers allowing your customers to have the fastest 4G LTE Network in the nation. This gives your customers the capability to stream movies faster, download more apps and surf the web without interruptions.
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H2O Bolt Triple SIM Card

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