Reports say Apple and Samsung will stop bundling chargers with phones next year.

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Rumors are growing regarding Samsung and Apple not including chargers inside their retail boxes in their upcoming phones. Apple is even considering removing the included headphones from the box.

Removing the charger will have an impact on the price. And since both companies are adding more expensive parts (like 5G modules), it makes sense for them to find ways to cut costs. But how will consumers react to this change?

On one hand, most people already have 2-3 chargers lying around that will work with their new device. Accessory company Anker estimates a total of four billion chargers were shipped last year with phones, tablets, and computers. Most devices use the same charger nowadays.
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A benefit some people are mentioning is that this change would reduce tons of e-waste piling on our planet. And if consumers need a new charger, they can buy one when they purchase their new phone (this will also raise sales on 3rd party chargers and accessories). 

We will have to see if these rumors become true as well as how consumers will react.
Who knows, maybe in 2-3 years we won't even need to worry about chargers and instead will use wireless chargers.

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