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Make More Money By Offering Multi-Month and Multi-Line Plans

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Multi-Month Plans - Get All Your SPIFF UpFront!

A lot of dealers are selling the Multi-Month Plans.  More specifically, the 3 months Plans.  Your cost of activating 3 months plans is really low because you get all the SPIFF upfront instantly.  Take a look at this table showing you what your cost is when you activate a customer's sim card in 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months.   It costs you $20 to activate a 3 month of the $40 Plan, $25 for 3 months of the $50 Plan and $30 for 3 months of the $60 Plan. Available on HDN Only!

This allows you to offer:

1. Buy 1 month get 1 Free

2. Buy 2 Months and Get 1 Free

3. You can increase the price of any phone that you are selling enough to cover your cost and more and include 2 to 3 months of service with it.

Multi-Line Plans - Get the $30 Plan for Only  $25 Each

·  2 Lines for $50. The customer saves $10.  Dealer Earns Up to $70 SPIFF.

·  4 Lines for $100. The customer saves $20.  Dealer Earns Up to $140 SPIFF.

H2O Wireless reports that Customers that get these Multi-Lines are more likely to stay active for an extended period of time. They enjoy the savings and continue to pay their bills month after month. Which contributes to higher refill rates, that means More Residual Earnings !!  Available on HDN Only!

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Upgrades Coming June 1st, 2020


iPhone Support is Here!

Starting May 1, 2019, new iPhone activations on H2O Wireless will support iPhone MMS, group messaging, and FaceTime on iPhone 5 - iPhone X Other restrictions may apply .


Earn 3% Residual when activating & Refilling on H2ODirectNow.com

Not Registered Yet? 

Contact us and we’ll make it happen.  

All New Approved HDN Accounts will receive a complementary Welcome Packet: T-Shirts, Bags, Pens, Stickers, Posters, Brochures, and more..

Complete Activation/Port-ins and Recharges

Ta ke Pay ments from your customers and Earn PIN Discounts and 3% Residual 

Earn Instant SPIFF on ALL Activations: Unlimited Monthly, Multi-Line, Minute Plans

See your SPIFF reports and watch your profits grow in real-time 


Track Sales and weekly or monthly transactions and manage your employees

Receive exclusive SPIFFs, promotional offers, special benefits, and more 



Your customers get nationwide coverage  




30 Day Plans

H2O Wireless no contract month plans are for 30 days.

Affordable Plans

H2O Wireless offers a wide variety of affordable plans  starting at just $20 a month

Network Coverage

H2O Wireless nationwide network allowing your customers to have nationwide coverage 


No Hidden Fees

With a no-contract wireless plan, your customers never have to worry about hidden fees on their monthly bill. 


Zero Commitment

Your customers don't have to worry about commitment as they are not locked into a contract! 

I nternational Calling & Texting

H2O Wireless offers unlimited international calling and texting to every monthly plan. 


Join us and make your company a better place.