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2nd and 3rd month spiff are paid for refills completed on H2O Direct Now within the 32 day window for 2nd month refills and 74 day refills. The spiff will not be paid if the refills are completed on other payment portals or if the refill is completed later than the allotted dates.

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Multi-Line Plans

No, at this time current H2O customers cannot be submitted to multi-line plans.

No, Family Lines are a product from the H2O Wireless website. To refill H2O Family Plans, please call H2O Customer Service to complete the air time payment: 800-643-1261 Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information regarding this.


No, to change credit card information for a customer on auto-recharge, you can call H2O Dealer Support at 1-800-939-1261 or the customer can go to The customer will stay registered with you if they do this.

Customer’s on auto-recharge will receive a text asking for payment if the auto payment does not go through. If the customer wishes to cancel being on auto recharge or wants to us a different method of payment, please call one of the numbers listed at the bottom of the page.

Error Messages

Configure MMS Settings 

Solution 1: Turn off your iPhone, Insert the H2O Wireless SIM Card to your iPhone then turn your phone back on. This should reset your configuration to H2O Wireless automatically.

Solution 2: If you still are not able to send or receive MMS then reset the network settings and then turn your iPhone off and then turn it on. This should reset the configuration to H2O Wireless.

Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Mobile Data Network -> Reset Settings -> Select Reset

Solution 3: If the above 2 solutions do not work then follow the below Manual set up

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Mobile Data / Cellular Data
  3. Tap Mobile Data options / Cellular Data Options (*For some operators this cellular data options should be disabled)
  4. Select Mobile Data Network / Cellular Data Network
  5. Go to MMS Section,
  6. Under  MMS Section, in the APN field, enter Prodata
  7. Tap return
  8. Under MMS Section, in the Username, enter none
  9. Tap return.
  10. Under MMS Section, in the Password, enter none and press OK
  11. Tap return
  12. Under MMS section, in the MMSC field, enter
  13. Tap return
  14. Under MMS section, in the MMS Proxy, enter
  15. Tap return
  16. Under MMS section, in the MMS Max Message Size, enter (Value not found)
  17. Tap Back icon

The new MMS profile is now configured and ready to use

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